New modern coffee experience

Dango Coffee is an artesan coffee roastery located in Helsinki, Finland, and roasts high-quality, ethically farmed small-estate coffee in small batches.

We are the first coffee roastery in Finland roasting all coffee exclusively with infrared roasting technology. This gas-free innovation allows us to roast coffee in more healthier, digestion- ja environment-friendly way.

We are compensating the carbon emissions of all roasting. Our packages are also CO2 neutral and recyclable.

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Dango Coffee online store opened!

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Specialty grade coffees

Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) America) together with Speciality Coffee Association of Europeon Euroopan (SCAE) rate coffees in "taste points" between 0 and 100. Coffees graded 80 or higher are specialty grade coffee due their high quality taste and lack of defects.

How to create a pour over coffee

Fun and taste pour over coffee enjoys an increasing popularity as a method of creating a coffee drink. When doing the coffee "by hand" you can influence the outcome yourself.

Pour over coffee

Pour over coffee is an easy and pleasant way of creating a cup of coffee.