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Pour over coffee is an easy and pleasant way of creating a cup of coffee.

With this method you can finetune the end result much more than with an electrical applicance.

You need a right type of a funnel (a "dripper") and a paper filter.

Coffee can be prepared also directly to a mug if you feel like it but for more than a cup a jug or a server is needed. Both Dango Coffee's Andante and Allegro are prefect for pour over coffee!

For the friends of a filter coffee Hario V60 02 is a great option.

  • We recommend 30 g ground coffee per 500 ml of water when doing more than one cup.
  • For a lighter roast we recommend using as hot water as possible (94+ C), but for darker roast 80 C is already enough.

Pour over -coffee experience with dripper

Written by Markku Rankala

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Fun and taste pour over coffee enjoys an increasing popularity as a method of creating a coffee drink. When doing the coffee "by hand" you can influence the outcome yourself.