Kuinka valmistaa Pour over -kahvijuoma

Pour over coffee enjoys an increasing popularity as a method of creating a coffee drink. When doing the coffee "by hand" you can influence the outcome yourself.

  1. You need hot water. We recommend a goose neck -style kettle with for more easier and precise control.
  2. Set a right sized paper filter to the dripper and wet the filter with hot water for more smooth end result. Water doesn't have to be boiling for this purpose.
  3. You need 6 g of beans per 1 dl and grind the beans slightly finer than filter ground. Using of a kitched scale is recommended for accurate end result, and a good ratio is 30 g ground coffee per 500 ml water.
  4. Set the dripper and server on a scale. Add the coffee and tare the scale. You cane make a small hole in the middle with a finger or a spoon and pour about 50 g of boiling water in so all the coffee becomes wet. Let the coffee bloom for around 40 - 45 seconds. Coffee's taste will increase due blooming as it released excess carbon dioxide.
  5. Continue pouring water in a circular motion slowly from middle to edges. Give the water time to drip, all the water doesn't have to be poured in in a one go. You can also mix the coffee with a spoon to both directions for a smoother end result. Coffee should infuse evenly and there shouldn't be a deep hole in the middle.
  6. When the scale is up to 500 g you can stop pouring in the water and wait until all the water has passed through the dripper. Dripping time is around 3 to 3.5 minutes.
  7. Enjoy your finished coffee from your favourite mug!

Ethiopian coffees are exceptionally good fit as pour over -kahveiksi due their flowery  and berry tones. Dango Coffee's Andante and Allegro coffees are almost solely created this creation method in mind!