Dango Coffee's specialty grade coffees

We roast only ethically produces specialty grade coffee (over 80 points) exclusively with a modern possible roasting method as first in the nordic countries: infrared.

When roasting coffee with infrared it's possible to get the different tones out of the beans and the unpleasant, usuall bitterness of coffee is almost completely gone which gives a very high quality and delicious end result.

You can find our coffees right here.

But what exactly are specialty grade coffees?

You might have heard the term "specialty coffee". This term actually does not reflect the actual coffee drink or if there's foam or milk involved like in cappuccino or café latte.

Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) America) together with Speciality Coffee Association of Europeon Euroopan (SCAE) rate coffees in "taste points" between 0 and 100. Coffees graded 80 or higher are specialty grade coffee due their high quality taste and lack of defects. Coffee grading is done by certified professional coffee tasters. Thus the term specialty grade means expectionally high quality coffee.

Coffee grading table:

90 - 100 points Exceptional (specialty grade)
85 - 89 points Excellent (specialty grade)
80 - 84 points Very good (specialty grade)
50 - 79 points Commercial grade
0- 49 points Below grading

Most coffees sold in Finland only a small percentage is specialty grade but the amount is steadily increasing.

Majority of the sold coffees in markets is commerical grade.

Written by Markku Rankala

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