Dango Coffee verkkokauppa avattu!

After a long await and development process our new infrared coffee roastery and online store is now open! We welcome you to try and taste our new delicious small-estate coffee and see what other interesting options we offer, such as equiment for making pour over coffees. You can check our article series about the topic!

Perhaps you prefer a medium roast, then your option might be Andante. Or if you enjoy your coffee with darker roast, then we definitely recommend Allegro.

For pour over coffee you'll find our discounted experience bundles which include Japanese Hario's legendary dripper, server and high quality paper filters which you can use to prepare a magnificient pour over coffee experience, and of course our coffee.

We also offer a -5% opening discount during april 2021 with a following code:


Dango Coffee wishes you enjoyable coffee moments!


Written by Markku Rankala

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