Dango Coffee & Infrared roasting

Dango Coffee is an artisan coffee roastery located in Helsinki, Finland and use latest technology to infrared roast high-quality, ethically produced small-estate coffee in small batches and also offer high quality coffee machine and mainetance services.

All our coffees are specialty grade coffee (over 80 points) and also the very first small roastery in Finland who exclusively uses only the infrared roasting technology to achieve a more gentle and healthier roasting process and also a gas-free, more ecologial roasting process.


Our goal is to make our company completely carbon emission free. There is work to be done to achieve this goal, but our coffee is already completely CO2-neutral!

We are constantly looking into new, innovative materials and want to choose only the best and most ecological options.

When enjoying our high-quality coffee, you're also participating in making our climate better!